What Is A Sporran?

What Is A Sporran?

Sporrans make a traditional highland dress complete. It is the wallet that is worn with the kilt and the main purpose of Sporran is to keep important things. Sporrans are alternative to pockets. Many kilt lovers want to wear plain tartan kilts without pockets, so Sporran is helpful with these tartan kilts to carry important documents and valuables.

These Sporrans easily be hanged by using tassels. The Sporrans are made with leather material and fur from different animals like fox, rabbit, sheep, etc. You can change the material according to your choice. Furthermore, Sporrans come in different designs and shapes. You can explore our various Sporrans and other accessories on our website. However, the prime function of the Sporran is to keep important things but it also enhances your look with the kilt.

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Why Sporrans Have Tassels?

The Sporrans have traditionally three or more than three tassels. It is the Scottish tradition and these tassels make a Sporran more beautiful with the kilts.

Types Of Sporrans

There are different types of Sporrans which come from different animal hairs like foxes, rabbits, horses, etc. Some Sporrans have three big tassels and flap tops. Tassels are not only used for decorative purposes but also differentiate between various sporrans. The full dress sporran includes three or more tassels. These Tassels also come with metal design.

How Sporran Make You Complete

The Sporrans are not only used for special occasions like highland games, wedding ceremonies and parties but you can also wear at your daily routine with the kilt. The Sporrans make your traditional dress complete and this is a must-have accessory to wear with the kilt. If you don’t have a Sporran then explore our website kiltoutlet.com. We have a wide range of beautiful and high-quality Sporran for our customers.