Want To Know About Irish Kilt Outfit?

Want To Know About Irish Kilt Outfit?

Kilts have been a tradition for both Scottish and Irish people. Many people thinks that kilts are only wear by Scottish people or it’s only a Scottish tradition. The truth is both Scottish and Irish people wear kilts. Irish tartan kilts are the traditional dress of Irish people. The history shows that the people of Ireland wearing traditional kilts for more than 10 decades. However,  the Scottish Kilts history goes back to 300 years ago.

History goes back to the 11th century where Irish people use a cloth to cover the whole body in the winter season. That piece of cloth is nowadays tartan or plaid. This piece of cloth used by majority of Irish people at that time.

According to Irish history, the kilt was first used by students of the school in Ireland. The founder of this school named Patrick Pierce and he is known as an Irish patriotic. He motivates the students to the traditional culture and language and gave kilts to students as a uniform.

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You may google many beautiful kilts of the Irish people. Many times you come with the beautiful green color Irish kilts. Irish kilts are not only in green color but also comes in a variety of colors like blue and Saffron. During World War 1, the Irish soldiers help the British army in the war by wearing Saffron kilts. Saffron kilts are nowadays worn by not only soldiers but also common Irish people.

Irish Kilt Outfit

Irish Tartans

There is a lot of beautiful traditional and modern Irish Kilt Outfit wear in Ireland and other counties of Ireland. There is also family tartan in Ireland which is also in Scotland. These families have their own tartans and after that, there are universal tartans which wear by kilts loving people.

Saint Patrick’s Day is the celebration day in Ireland and other countries of the world. On this day, many people love to wear green color Irish kilts. These traditional tartan kilts are made with real wool material and that is why these are very expensive kilts. The other universal kilts are made from Poly-viscose material. These kilts are more comfortable to wear and affordable to buy. At Kiltoutlet.com, we made every type of traditional kilts. These tartan kilts are easy to worn and comfortable. Moreover, we made custom made kilts for our customers.

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