How To Wear A Utility Kilt ? – Guide To The Newbie

How To Wear A Utility Kilt – Guide To The Newbie

A kilt is the traditional dress of Scottish and Irish people. It is the traditional dress in which history goes back to the 16th century. At that time, it was wrapped on the full body and named a great kilt. A great kilt is a warm woolen cloth which comes in different tartan colors. A great kilt was worn by people to keep their bodies warm in the cold weather. With the passage of time, short kilts are made for the people of Scotland and Ireland. Nowadays there are many designs and types of kilts available in the market.

The traditional kilt is also called tartan kilts which mostly worn by traditional kilt lovers. There are modern kilts which are termed as leather kilts, utility kilts, Gothic kilts, hybrid kilts, and Camo kilts. All types of kilts are easy to wear but still, there are some guidelines for newbies, so they are able to know How To Wear A Utility Kilt?

How To Wear A Utility Kilt?

Step 1: Wrapped The Kilt

It is the first step in the kilt wearing. A newbie should wrap the kilt around his or her body. The body should be wrapped in such a way that the apron is on the front side of the body while the pleats of the kilts are on the backside of the body.

Step 2: Fasten The Utility Kilt

In next step a newbie should fasten the utility kilt. A utility kilt can be fasten in different ways. The best way to fastening the utility by using waist buttons. If the newbie wants to do perfect fitting then he or she can use belts and straps. Every utility kilt has belt loops, so by using a belt, he or she can easily fasten the kilt. Furthermore, in some utility kilts, there are two to three straps with rust-free buckles attached to the kilts. These straps are used for fastening the kilt according to the body.

Step 3: Easy To Sit And Walk

You must wear and fasten the kilt in such a way that you can easily walk and sit without any problem. Too tight or too loose may not good for you. So it must wear and fasten carefully.


By following the above steps, a newbie can easily wear the utility and other types of kilts. Kilts are the most comfortable wear than that of pants and shorts. At, you can buy every type of kilts such as Gothic Kilts, Leather Kilts, Hybrid Kilts and other Kilts for Men at a good and affordable price.