Do you Make custom-made kilts?

Our makers are making custom made kilts for the customers. If you did not find your size, then contact us.

Do you make any design of kilts and jackets?

Our makers can make kilts and jackets in any design and color

Do you sell Accessories?

Yes, we are selling Sporrans, Kilt Pins, Flashes and other accessories

DO you charge any hidden fees?

We do not charge any hidden fees nor customization charges

What is your delivery time?

We are making custom made products like jackets, kilts, and Sporran, so it takes time. The average manufacturing time is 10 to 15 working days. For the shipment of goods, the courier service may take 4-6 working days. You will receive your products in not more than 20 working days.

what is your material quality?

We are using the best quality material in making our highland products.

What is the regular kilt length?

The regular length of a men’s kilt is 24 inches and for women, the regular kilt length is 20 inches

Is kiltoutlet secure Website?

Customer’s data is completely safe and secure because we are using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). We are using (PCI DSS Secure) Debit / Credit Card which provides transaction security to the customers.

How can I pay for my Order?

We are using Credit / Debit Card (PCI DSS Secure) as a payment gateway which provides security to the customers

Are your measurement accurate?

Our measuring guide is for every beginner who doesn’t know how to measure the kilt and jacket.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship in every country by using fast and secure delivery services.

How can I contact kiltoutlet for Information?

You can contact us at any time using Contact Us form or mail us at [email protected].