Here are the care instructions for Kilt and Jackets which are written especially for our customers. So here you go;

  • Kilts and jackets must be washed with hands as it has buttons, buckles, studs and different metals.
  • For more lasting result, you must dry kilts and jackets on low level sun bream.
  • Furthermore, you must manually hang the kilt and jackets for drying. Don’t try to use the dryer.
  • The belt is important for fasten the kilt, but you should not wear kilt too tight.
  • Don’t try to wash for too long. Many people wash for 2-3 hours, which harmful for the clothes
  • There are however many cheap cleansing agents in the market, which harmful for the clothes, so try to use an original cleansing agent for your clothes.
  • Too hot iron will damage your wear, so try to ironing the kilts and jackets with with moderate temperatures.